Five Baseball Haiku

Alright, so, it happened. I got distracted with my life and I got behind by five poems. So, today, here are five baseball haiku. They’re not very good. But I can say that I did them, they work together as a poetic narrative sequence, and now I’m caught up.

Oh, and the Mets are killing it! Home runs for everyone, and they’ve won nine of their past eleven games. Lets Go Mets!

Also, my father challenged me to come up with a new Mets rally cry, since he’s tired of “Lets Go Mets!” Any suggestions?


Five Baseball Haiku


Scrape of mud on cleats

as Batter waits. Ump says, play!

Ball zips by, called strike.


Manager kicks dirt

on Ump’s shoes while Batter

stomps into dugout.


But Ump laughs. Knows this

is a game, a child’s act

to fire up crowd.


Ump says you are out!

And manager says thank you!

while fans hiss and boo.


Batter slams bat, spits

in Ump’s direction, but he

smiles, did his job.

Triple Homers

Mets 6, Indians 5. Three homers showed that our bats are waking up for the spring, and even though Familia nearly blew the save by allowing the winning run on base, a lazy fly ball to De Aza in centerfield ended the game. This is the offense we’re waiting to see.

Today is a haiku day.


Bats Boom


Hiss of fastball through

the spring wind, open mitt waits,

but crack! Ball escapes.